5 Socially-Distanced Date Ideas for the Winter

5 Socially-Distanced Date Ideas for the Winter
Socially Distanced Date Ideas

Whether you’re in a serious relationship or just starting out with a new partner, these are the perfect dates to keep things fun and engaging – at a distance!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on its fair share of hardships, including a noticeable shift in the nature of relationships and dating. Even though the classic “dinner and a movie” date was taken off the table this year – as well as most other romantic night out ideas – the warm summer weather permitted some socially-distanced outings. Picnics in the park, long hikes, drinks on a patio. But now that winter is coming, there’s no point in even opening our dating apps, right?


Despite the cold and dark winter looming over us and the ongoing pandemic keeping many people confined to their homes, dating is very much still a possibility. All it takes is some adapting and creativity, and we’ve done most of the work compiling these five ideas right here for you! These pandemic-friendly date ideas are perfect for very first dates, second dates, or dates with a long term partner. 

Movies, Movies, Movies!

The theatres may not be open, but that doesn’t mean movie night has to end. Download the Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) extension to watch your favorite movie or TV show with your date and chat back and forth all the while. Maybe make it a weekly thing and order in from the same restaurant to further sync up your evening. Additionally, some drive-in theatres are still open. As long as it’s something you’re comfortable with, meet your date there for a socially-distanced night out and get some face time!

Shop for Groceries Together

Were grocery dates all the rage in years past? Probably not, but they are now! Throw on your mask, grab your list, and meet your date at your local store. Conversation may come easily while you find your favorite snacks and all the ingredients for the meals you’re planning to make for yourself. Swap stories about recipes gone wrong, what junk food you can never get enough of, and debate which cuisine is best.

Swap Playlists

We all think our own taste in music is the best taste in music, so why not prove it? Put together a playlist of your favorite songs or the soundtrack to your life, have your date do the same, and then swap and step into each other’s world. You could end up having similar taste, but you could also end up with a bunch of unfamiliar songs to check out. You can take it a step further if you know each other well and make a playlist you think best describes your date. Or, if you really want to open up, share all the songs you’re too embarrassed to admit you love. That’ll definitely spark conversation!

Start a Private Book, Movie, or Podcast Club

For those in relationships or on their fourth, fifth, or sixth date with a new partner, starting a book club-esque date guarantees regular check-ins and keeps the conversation going. Pick a book to read and discuss the good and bad parts. Choose a show or movie to each watch on your own time and explain why it deserves all the awards. Or, start a new podcast and tell your date why true crime has made you a professional detective. Introduce something new to each of your daily routines to always have something fresh to talk about.

Go Back to Basics… Virtually

It may seem like the best date options are completely out of our reach. Some of them are, but others have just become virtual! Fancy a night of artistic expression and wine? Many companies are hosting group paint nights via video chat and deliver the necessary materials right to your door. If you’re feeling lucky, try a virtual trivia night or a virtual escape room, the latter of which may require a second device in order to chat with your date while you work your way out. There are also virtual cooking classes available for two or more people at a time so you can cook together and then eat your (hopefully) delicious meals one-on-one.

Right now, it’s easy to get down and tell ourselves that it’s the end of the world, but there are still ways to maintain some normalcy and keep yourself busy, happy, and ultimately distracted. Whether you need to impress your way out of the “talking stage” or keep your long term SO entertained, there is plenty of fun, socially-distanced options available to you. Now get to it!

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