How The Right Photos Can Vastly Improve Your Online Dating Success

How The Right Photos Can Vastly Improve Your Online Dating Success
Perfect Dating Photo

First impressions are everything, and in the world of online dating, the photo you choose is your first impression. It’s the most important aspect of any dating profile, not your bio, not your first message, but the photos you choose. The difference between matching with the person of your dreams and finding yourself matchless is a good set of profile photos.

Your dating profile photos not only put a face to the name but will also give people a sense of who you are. So, turn off that filter, find some great lighting, and let’s start taking photos. We’ve got the secret to a successful profile picture, and what photos you should be adding to your profile to meet more people.

The Perfect First Photo

When someone is swiping away on a dating app you want to get their attention with your first photo. While having an eye-catching photo may be enough to get people to stop on your profile, a photo that shows off your personality is a great way to make sure people stay on your profile.

Here are some tips for getting the perfect first photo on your dating profile.

  1. Take a Quality Photo

One of the most common issues with photos is that they are not of good quality. A blurry or pixelated photo is not only a major turnoff, but it can hide your best features.

  1. Do Not Use an Obvious Filter

While your face with the dog filter can be a funny thing to send to a friend, avoid using it on your dating profile. When someone can tell you are using a filter, or any filter that is too obvious, it can send the message that you are trying to hide something.

  1. Make Sure it’s Bright

This tip is less obvious but as important. A bright photo with warm colors is often perceived as being friendlier and inviting. This is also an opportunity to show off adventure or travel pictures with bright and colorful backgrounds.

  1. Show Off an Interest

Your first photo should tell people a lot about you, and having a close up of your face or a selfie won’t cut it. Do you like going on hikes? Include a picture of yourself on the peak of a mountain. Are you a soccer player? Get yourself an action shot! 

Don’t fake a hobby either. If you don’t ski don’t stage a photo of you skiing to seem more athletic.

  1. Take it Solo

Uploading a photo of you and a friend is confusing, especially when it’s the first photo. People will be unsure as to who the account belongs to not to mention a solo shot displays more confidence up front. Avoid all the confusion and show off the best picture you have.

  1. Show your Face

This may seem obvious but show your face. Sure your body may be nice, but your face is what people connect with most. 

  1. Smile

Humans find smiles attractive and comforting. Showing off your smile is an easy way to tell the people looking at your profile that you are fun, and friendly.

The Ideal Second Photo

If someone has made it to your second photo you’ll know that your first photo worked to get their attention. In a lot of ways, your second photo should be a lot like your first photo. You’ll still want a high-quality photo, with no filters, with your face, and a smile, but there are other aspects you may want to switch up.

Here are some tips for your second photo:

  1. Keep it Solo

If the person scrolling through your profile is looking at the second picture they may be still trying to figure out what you look like, and if it’s consistent. Make sure you remind them why they are looking at your second photo in the first place.

  1. Have the Photo Tell a Bit About Yourself

A picture says a thousand words, so why not let the photo you use help tell your story. If you want to show off that you’re a fun person who likes to laugh, have a candid photo of you laughing. If you love to travel include a travel picture. Maybe you are a foodie, use a picture of you with a beautiful plate of food in front of you. It is your job to have the person swiping know a little about you through your photos.

  1. Candid Helps

While not crucial to your profile, a candid photo rather than a staged photo can be the secret to a great second photo. A photo that looks like you are “caught in the act” makes you seem effortlessly attractive, and easy-going.

  1. Show More

If your first photo is an attractive headshot, why not show more of your body in the second. No, this does not mean taking a shirtless gym selfie or showing more cleavage. Showing more of yourself could be as little as going from a headshot to a full-body portrait. The reason people will swipe for more photos is to see more of you, so why not show the people what they want.

Photo 3: The Social One

Your third photo should help show that you have a social life. Up until this point (if you were following these tips) you’ve only included pictures of yourself alone in photos, now it’s time to switch it up. Grab some friends, have some fun, and take a group photo. 

Here are our tips for the perfect social photo.

  1. Make it Look Fun

This is your opportunity to show off with your friends and you want to give off the impression that you have the most fun friend group in the world. 

For a man, that means a messy photo. Take a photo that looks disorganized. One that gives off the impression that it was hard to get everyone looking at the camera. You want to make it seem like hanging out with you and your friends is an exciting, chaotic, and fun experience. 

For a woman, this means taking an organized photo. You want to give off the impression that you and your friends are outgoing, and have a plan for everything. Make it look like you plan for everything but still keep things exciting.

  1. The Right Number of Friends

There is a correct number of people you want to have in your photo. More than eight is far too many, and can signal to someone that you have no close friends. Three or less could make it seem like you only have one or two friends you spend all your time with. The perfect number of people in the photo is four to six. This shows you have quite a few close friends, but not too many friends so that you can still pick you out from them.

  1. Don’t Leave Room for Interpretation

You do not want the person scrolling thinking that you are, or have been, romantically involved with someone in your photo. If it seems like someone in your photos is an ex-romantic interest, or worse, a current partner, this can be a total turnoff. 

Photos 4 & 5: What Else You Should Include

Near the end of your profile, you should take some creative liberties, find photos that you like of yourself, and tell them more about you. By the time someone passes the third photo, their mind is usually made up of whether or not they want to match. Photos on the back end of your profile may be conversation starters once you’ve connected.

Here are some great photos you may want to include in your profile:

  1. The Animal Photo

Show off your nurturing side with an animal photo. This works best with cats and dogs, but if you have another animal this may also work. Including a photo with animals that are usually perceived as gross or scary could work on some people, but definitely not everyone. So avoid posting a photo with a rat or a snake.

  1. Serious Black & White Photo

It is important to show off a smile in your first few photos, but near the back end of your profile you can show off a more serious side. If you want to show off a more serious photo this is your time to do so.

  1. Fancy Photo

Have you worn a tuxedo, suit, dress, or any other fancy attire for a formal event recently? A photo of you all dressed up in your fanciest clothes is a great way to show potential matches what you are like at your best.

  1. “Cheers” Photo

If you are of legal age, why not show a time where you were having a couple of drinks. Be careful about what you choose to drink, it may say a lot about you.

  1. Sports Action Shot

If you’re an athlete, show that off with a picture of you from a game. It will make you seem athletic and sporty, and can be a great conversation starter. Too many photos of you playing the same sport can be repetitive, and can potentially backfire.

  1. “The View”

If you have a photo of yourself in front of a famous landmark or a stunning view. This can show that you are well-traveled and adventurous.


Now that you know what photos to include in your profile, start building your profile. Get ready to find success on dating apps. 

For additional information on how to master flirting over text check out our article on that here.

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